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About new Oita trip discount second (national travel support) extension

  • About the new Oita Travel Discount 2nd (national travel support)

    【Updated March 21, 2023】
    Please click the above banner for details of the new Oita Travel Discount 2nd.

    When making a reservation from the website, be sure to select local payment and tell the accommodation facility that you will use the Ninoita Tabi Discount over the phone.
    ※If you do not make a reservation with advance payment or contact us by phone, you will not be eligible.
    ※Please understand that even if it is within the period, the budget may be reached or we may be forced to stop accepting applications.

About "New Oita Travel Discount 2nd" Electronic Coupon

  • To those who use the national travel support "New Oita Travel Discount"

    From January 10th, the enjoyment coupon has changed from a paper coupon to an "electronic coupon".

    At the time of check-in, we will distribute a charge form for the "Mankuri Coupon (Electronic Coupon)" that can be used at member stores in Oita Prefecture.
    Weekdays:Up to 2,000 yen worth Holidays:Up to 1,000 yen worth(All per person per night)

    ※If you prepare the electronic coupon application in advance, the procedure will be smooth.
     Click here for details on how to download.

    Click here for coupon inquiries ⇒【 0120-550-066 】

Requests to customers

  • Requests to customers

    From March 13, 2023, we ask that customers use their own judgment regarding the wearing of masks.
    *Employees may wear masks.

Beppu Station Hotel is a member hotel of "A Card"!

  • Please check before using.

    ◆Regular phone reservations, Official website, reservations from the A card reservation site are eligible.

    ◆Point addition rate
     ① Telephone reservation 10%
     ② Reservation from Official website 5%
    Cash back with accumulated points        Enrollment fee/annual fee free  
    【5,500 points → 5,000 yen】     1:Earn points at participating hotels nationwide  
    【9,750 points → 10,000 yen]    2:Hand over cash at the front desk
    【19,000 points → 20,000 yen】

    ◆Points are awarded only for accommodation charges.

    ◆If you forget your A card, please contact the front desk.

    ◆For longer stays, points may be awarded in installments.

You can use it for work between remote work and family trips.

  • ☆★☆★☆Available from 16:00 to 24:00☆★☆★☆

    I got an urgent job while on a family trip! But my family is relaxing in my room...Hard to do.  
    It's telework, but sometimes I want to do it outside.
    I'm here to take the qualifying exam! But if I do it in my room, I feel uncomfortable.
    In response to various reasons, the breakfast venue in front of the front desk is open from 16:00 to 24:00.:We will be open until 00!
    There is also a free drink corner nearby, so how about working while drinking coffee?
    However, please note that it may be busy due to check-in, etc., as it is in front of the front desk.
    ※From 6:00 to 9:30 in the morning, it will be used as a breakfast venue, so people other than breakfast can not use it.Thank you for your cooperation.


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Hotel Name

Beppu Station Hotel


13-4 Ekimae Town, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



30 seconds walk JR Beppu Station /Beppu Tokiwa-mae Bus Stop (highway bus platform) 7 minutes on foot
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Hot Springs

  • Men

    ●Men's hot spring is on the 3rd floor.Please bring your own towels from your room.

    ■Business hours 16:00 to 24:00 in the evening 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning
    ■shampoo, rinse, Body Soap, Hairdryer
  • Women's bath

    ●Masu-yu is on the second floor.Please bring your own towels from your room.

    ■Business hours 16:00 to 24:00 in the evening 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning
    ■shampoo, rinse, Body Soap(for women), Hairdryer, Makeup remover, Cleansing foam, Medicated whitening emulsion, Medicated skin whitening lotion
  • ●Teyu

    On the side of the entrance of the hotel, we have set up Teyu spring sinking Teyu boasting abundant amount of discharge.
    Please warm your hands with soft hot water at Beppu Onsen.
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